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Photography by Rene Morrissey

I love to capture the ordinary & extraordinary beauties in life. Living in 3 different places throughout the year gives me ample opportunity. Every year we make a trek from Colorado to Alaska and then back again. In Colorado we live & work at a lodge that is at 7,400 feet elevation and it has awesome sunrises, in Washington we live on a 1959 Scottish wooden boat on the Salish Sea and have a plethora of things to photograph and in Alaska we live in a sweet little cabin and I don't have far to go to take my camera out for adventures.

My goal with photography is to fill your eyes, your home and your heart with the wonder & beauty in the world and to inspire you to head out on your own adventures.

I offer a variety of formats for my photography: greeting cards blank or with words that fit the picture, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 

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