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Photography by Rene Morrissey



I love to capture the ordinary & extraordinary beauties in life. We have driven back and forth from Alaska to the lower 48 (at least twice a year) for 11 years. It has provided ample opportunities for some increditble photos.

My goal with photography is to fill your eyes and your soul with the wonder & beauty in the world and to inspire you to head out on your own adventures.

I offer a variety of formats for my photography: greeting cards blank or with words that fit the picture, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 

Call / Text:  (719) 250.0574 or email:


View of Denali from Thorofare Ridge Trail, Denali National Park, Alaska



Sunrise, Colorado


Yellow Jackets taking refuge from the wind in a Penstemon, Colorado



Sunrise in Colorado                          



Barrel Cactus, Colorado              



High tide from Deception Bay Bridge, Washington        



Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado  



Hooded Mergansers, Anacortes Marina, Anacortes, Washington 



Autumn heading up to Summit, Alaska  



  Hawkin's Island, Canoe Pass Alaska



Killarney National Park, Ireland



Nenana River / Denali Highway, Alaska



Duffy Lake, BC 






Colorado Sunset



Gerbera Daisy, Fairbanks, Alaska


Equinox trail, Ester, Alaska



Blue Eyed Babe, Paso Robles, CA



Purple Poppy, Ester, Alaska



Spring Azure (?) Butterfly, Sand Point, Idaho 




Moonrise and Sunset, Colorado     


Amaryllis up close and personal



Sunset, Colorado  



Artichoke flower, Paso Robles, California



Black bear in Fireweed outside off highway to Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska 


Bergy Bits in the College Fjord, Alaska



Autumn Pacific Northwest






Birch Leaves, Fairbanks, Alaska



Sunrise Colorado






Cabins in Colorado



Sunrise, Colorado



Immature Bald Eagle, Homer Spit, Alaska



Spider Web with rain drops, Anacortes Marina, Washington



Cliffs of Moher, Ireland



Colorao Sunrise


Sunrise on icicles, Colorado



Denali National Park, Alaska



College Fjord, Alaska



Ornamental Kale, Saldovia, Alaska






Tesuque, New Mexico 



Lunar eclipse, Colorado



Sunrise Colorado



Anacortes, Washington



Blarney Castle and Gardens, Ireland



Tesuque, New Mexico




Beautiful British Columbia


Alaska Highway


Ketchikan, Alaska




Equinox Trail, Ester, Alaska


Blue Heron, Anacortes, Washington


Breckinridge Ice Castle, Colorado


African Daisy, Fairbanks, Alaska



African Daisy, Fairbanks, Alaska



View of sunset on Salish Sea from Renata's port hole. 




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