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My name is Rene Morrissey and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master / Teacher. I work in Anacortes, Washington, Fairbanks, Alaska, and Rye / Pueblo, Colorado and I am also a Soap & Body Butter Crafter and Photographer.

I do integrative Massage, Reiki, Acupressure, Reflexology, Facilitated Stretching, Shiatsu, Hot Stone, Guided Imagery, Chakra clearing and balancing, I incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils, Raindrop Technique and I do "one on one" Kundalini Yoga and Qigong sessions. 

My goal is to help you balance your body, soul & mind through integrative energy and body work.

I am fascinated by the body, mind & soul connection and the healing that takes place when they are balanced and in communication with each other. 

I strive to provide opportunities for your entire being to heal on a variety of levels. 

I love the diversity each session provides and the challenge to find a modality that facilitates healing in the body. I feel privileged to be a part of this process and thankful when the client's body responds and heals itself.

I use 100% organic and or wild harvested massage oils & essential oils.

I travel often, as my partner and I live & work in a few different places: a sweet cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Wet Mountains of Colorado where my partner and I manage a lodge and on a in Anacortes, Washington. We make the picturesque drive to and from Alaska in our van twice a year with our puppy and cat. 

I am a mom of 2 adult daughters - one daughter lives in Denver, Colorado with her family and the other daughter lives in Hermosa Beach, California. 

I enjoy being creative in all areas of my life from photography to knitting & crocheting, soap crafting & creating skin care products. I love practicing the healing arts, teaching Reiki, hiking & biking, spending time with the people I love, cooking & eating. I love learning about the body & mind, reading, laughing, practicing Kundalini yoga, Quigong, centering prayer, mindfulness meditation & gratitude. 




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