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"So, I too, am a massage therapist. I absolutely recommend Rene to everyone. Her abilities are incredible! Every massage I have with her, I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energetically aligned, AND my emotions are in check. It's a very moving experience.  I can't thank you enough for the amazing massages, you're truly the best! At this point, I have no words... other than... when are you back from the mountains? I need another session! P.s. ... and that soap you made? Oh my. I LOVE IT!"  Emily B.

"I have experienced Rene's healing energy twice. After my first time having Reiki done I felt re energized and relaxed. My sleep was more restful and insightful, and I didn't require as many hours of sleep. The second time she did energy work on me it helped the swelling in my feet go down in about 24-36 hours. I have also had the pleasure of using an avocado body bar that is a moisturizing alternative to soap. The lotion and body butters have been amazing as well."  Michelle M.

"Rene is a healer. There are many people out there are trained and good at what they do; however, Rene has a gift. A gift that comes to only just a few. Rene has done energy work on me. Her knowledge of how to use her gift is almost indescribable. She is always learning and applying her gifts to heal those around her. I can honestly say that I am more balanced and at peace after a session with her. I highly recommend Rene for any treatment that you maybe seeking from her. She truly is a rare and gifted healer that has incredible talent and intuition for your healing process. You will not regret trusting yourself in her care." Tracey V.

 "After pulling some muscles in my back while moving, I had a hot stone and deep tissue massage with Rene. Simply put, she is AMAZING. She took the time to ask me about any problems I was having and gave extra focus to those areas while integrating them into the entire massage. Rene's knowledge of healing herbs and natural remedies is vast and she uses this knowledge to help her clients heal. I would highly recommend a massage from her. Her loving and caring soul is welcoming and friendly and are evidence that she really cares about helping people."  Lang L.

"A valued member of my healthcare team- Rene is a kind and caring, intuitive healer, knowledgeable of many healing arts.  Using a variety of treatments she is successfully treating head, neck, and back injuries I received in an accident.  She shares care instructions that I can use at home to further my recovery.  Her organic body butter is very nice indeed.  Rene brings balance and grounding to my body and soul.  I highly recommend Rene."   Jan L. 

"I've been to a lot of massage therapists over the years and Rene is a keeper. Deep tissue and acupressure if my body is hurting, hot stones, oils and reiki for pampering myself." Kelly B.







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